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Jiangmen Xinhui District Hongye Machinery Factory was established. It mainly develops and manufactures spinning moulding series single machine, and strives to promote the development of metal products industry in Jiangmen area to full automation.



The production scale of the enterprise is growing constantly. Welding forming series, grinding and polishing series, stamping and stretching forming series emerge as the times require. Over the years, the quality of each series of single machine developed can pass the qualification test smoothly, and become a member of Jiangmen Quality Supervision Association and the Council member of Provincial Quality Supervision Association.



Established a limited company, the factory area further expanded to more than 10,000 square meters. It has eight functional departments, namely, General Administration, Technical Department, Business Department, Material Department, Production Department, Planning Department, Finance Department and Personnel Administration Department, to implement the ISO quality management system in an all-round way.



Enterprises from research and development of various types of automation stand-alone machine to domestic advanced realization of the whole production line complete set of specialized manufacturers. Sales network throughout the country, more than 800 customers, perfect after-sales network. In the same year, we successfully opened up the Southeast Asian market.



NC intelligent polishing robot has been successfully developed. A number of development products are in the leading domestic level, and have won dozens of patents.



It has been appraised as a provincial private science and technology enterprise. We will further promote the development and manufacture of "safe, environmental protection, energy-saving, efficient and high-quality" special aircraft production lines, and strive to build "Hongye" brand as the first professional stainless steel product industry in China.



Establish a product division to research, develop, produce and sell high-end healthy products in the household appliances industry, which is well received by the users。



Expansion of scale, operation and upgrading, plant moved to Huadian Science Park, the company was officially renamed as Guangdong Hongye Machinery Co。, Ltd。, and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise。



It has been appraised as a public technology support platform for intelligent manufacturing, which comprehensively promotes the development of provincial intelligent manufacturing industry.

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